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Dioscovite- The Yam Vitamin


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Dioscovite, also known as the Yam Vitamin, is the patented natural dietary supplement that stops sickle cell pain and sickle cell crisis.  Take back a good quality of life for yourself or loved one.  Order today!

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Reviews (2)

Miguel Garcia Jan 2nd 2018

My daughter progress

Thanks to Dioscovite, my daughter's life is so different in a very short period of time, she was admitted almost every moth with terrible pain, I tried Dioscovite on her, 95% of her pain went away in 3 days and now, she is living a new life, her blood count went up, her pain almost disappear, a her skin and hair look totally different and healthier, her eyes are not yellow anymore, I need to spread the word for this product, many children out there suffering of pain not knowing that this product exist. Thank you Dioscovite Team for giving my daughter's life back.

Steve Dec 19th 2017


This product works!!. my daughter, who has sickle cell, was sick for a couple days, throwing up and not eating. Her red blood cell count dropped very low, when I took her to the doctor. They ordered a full blood workup in case they needed to give her blood. and ask me to return the following day. I took her home and gave her a double dose of Diascovite. The following day when I returned to the Hospital for the blood work, her RBC had jumped two points and no longer critically low. My insurance was later billed $7300.00 for the blood work. One should always keep a bottle of Diascovite close by if you have a child with sickle cell. It makes no sense not to.

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